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Vibe Tribe Foods was created to support personal growth and transformation for those who are on the natural path to good health.

Enthusiastic teachers and chefs, Jeanne and Patrick Grosset share a whole life approach to health and happiness through what they love to do. Creating farm-to-table fresh, organic, 100% VEGAN dishes and empowering people with their cooking classes for better health and longevity.

We do not use recipes for our plant based creations - we are macrobiotic chefs producing food that are in balance with our current season and local demographic. All natural, wholesome, alkaline balanced foods to nourish and satisfy your body and mind.

We specialize in gluten free grains and use locally grown vegetables that are in season. Powerful foundational foods balanced according to the principles of Macrobiotics to help create a self-healing alkaline blood quality to promote a healthy, happy, long life.

Whole foods experts  - keeping whole grains "whole" for optimal benefits, soaking grains and beans for easier digestion, using top quality ingredients and fermented foods with high levels of probiotics to promote digestive health.

Get your weekly Macro Meal Pack featuring 23 seasonal dishes inspired by season produce. Grab-and-go fare to keep you supplied with clean food choices throughout your busy week.

Jump on our Body Reset Cleanse program with meals and beverages designed to detox the liver, melt fatty deposits, decrease inflammation, balance digestive bacteria and boost the immune system - naturally.

Get empowered with our Classes & Events.

Looking for a master in the kitchen? We offer Private Chef services too.

Who we are

Jeanne & Patrick are experts in personal transformation through natural health. Guiding and supporting ambitious people who are ready to improve their well being and are willing to change. Those who want to take back control over their future and empower themselves for a healthy, happy life.

With the proper nourishment you have the power to:

  • Reach your ideal weight and retain it.

  • Be free of ailments and degenerative conditions.

  • Relieve persistent aches and acute pains and live in comfort.

  • Increase your energy and vitality to live the active life you desire.

  • Sleep peacefully through the night and wake up refreshed.

  • Reverse the signs of aging and regain your youthful appearance.

  • Calm down scattered thinking and gain focus, motivation and creative flow.

It’s a FACT: Many frustrating health conditions can be reversed by diet and lifestyle changes. We have the power within us to rejuvenate, heal and thrive. Our bodies are incredibly powerful organic machines that when given the nurturing and nourishment needed will create optimal health and happiness – naturally.

Empowered with new information, new habits and real results, you can thrive!


Jeanne Grosset

Jeanne (Agostinelli) was born and raised in Rochester, New York. She grew up in the kitchen with her grandmother’s guidance in traditional Italian cooking. Jeanne embraced her enthusiasm for fresh homemade food and witnessed the love she put into every one of her amazing meals.

A die-hard skiing enthusiast and outdoor lover, Jeanne has been very physically active throughout her life. Although, as she gained years she came to realize that the high impact, stressful workouts that had once served her were too strenuous and she needed to slow down or burn out. Transitioning from a daily life of strenuous workouts to the yogic practices was a huge shift, but she was amazed by what she discovered. She had greater strength, enhanced focus, increased stability, better flexibility and after years of gaining a strong knowledge of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga decided to embrace the mother of all the yoga practices, Kundalini. A practice rich with technology for the care and maintenance of the human mind, body and spirit.

Over a decade ago, Jeanne switched from a “healthy” version of the standard American diet to the natural path of health. Influenced by a great need in her home for healing, she embraced these practices in her search for wellness, and they worked. Witnessing first hand the amazing rejuvenation power of the human body she became passionate for more information, seeking out great teachers to become one herself.

Jeanne feels very fortunate to have discovered these two practices in her time of need and enjoys teaching their benefits to others. A Certified Macrobiotic Chef/Instructor and Kundalini Yoga Teacher (IKYTA Certified), she completed her studies at the Kushi Institute in Beckett, Massachusetts and at the Awareness Center in Pasadena, California. She is also a graduate of Macrobiotic America’s Counselor Program with David Briscoe.

Happy to be of service, Jeanne loves being a part of helping people improve their lives and the world around them!

Jeanne’s Story…

At the time in my life I needed it most, I discovered the world of natural health. At 35, I was a successful graphic designer and mother of two small children. I worked out regularly and followed the latest health trends in diet. Yet, I was falling apart, always exhausted and the future seemed bleak.

My own problems were profound.
I was suffering from digestive problems, food intolerances, allergies, frequent upset stomach, constant bloating, acne, eczema, severe hypoglycemia, radical emotional swings, frequent depression and a quick temper. My symptoms included energy drops throughout the day, waking up throughout the night, restless sleeping patterns, adrenal burnout and 15 pounds of excess weight I could not lose no matter what I tried. I had cysts in my breasts and at least a dozen others located around my body. They were increasing in number and size and it was really starting to scare me. My hair was thinning rapidly, my eyebrows no longer existed and my eyelashes were starting to fall out, my nails were brittle and would not grow, my skin was so dry, it would crack and bleed on my hands and feet.

And there’s more…
My immune system was weak, I got sick frequently and it would take me a long time to get over even a basic cold. I could not stand being in the sun and would burn horribly, even with sunscreen. My gums had recessed to the point at which I could not drink hot or cold beverages without pain, and brushing my teeth was a delicate situation which usually ended with blood in my mouth. I had horrible digestive problems that made me afraid to leave the house. That time of the month was excruciatingly painful and debilitating and I experienced multiple miscarriages. I had many irritating issues and was really quite tired of being told it was just part of getting older. Seriously, I wasn’t even 40. And if I was falling apart at this age, what was my future going to hold for me — more suffering?

The solution turned out to be simple.
Overnight, I embraced a wholesome, natural way of life and immediately my world began to change. Over a decade later, I am healthier, look younger and am thriving with more energy than ever before. I no longer suffer from those daily inconveniences. They are long-past memories of a very different me.

What motivated the change?
Ironically I had modified my lifestyle not for me, but for my family. At the age of 40, my husband (first husband, not Patrick), was diagnosed with an advanced form of cancer that had metastasized into his bones. It was too far advanced to eradicate. My kids were going to have to grow up without a father unless something changed fast.

A leap of faith.
I knew of a practice called Macrobiotics and I was willing to try anything to help my family. So I sought out experts, made the changes, got in the kitchen and cooked. Friends, family and the community around me thought I was a bit crazy. But I felt in my heart I had to do something and cooking I could do. So I forged ahead.

Miracles happen everyday.
Only nine months later, my husband had a clean bill of health! There were no more signs of disease in his body to be found. Everyone was amazed at our modern day miracle. It was incredible to witness how diet and lifestyle changes, new ways of thinking and managing stress helped turn around his health and changed our lives for the better.

I got empowered.
I change my families life with a kitchen knife in one hand and a carrot in the other. And now too, I was the healthiest I had ever been and it showed. I was symptom free, fit and trim, glowing and happy. My future became much brighter and it all started in my very own kitchen with me taking control, getting educated and making the natural practices my new lifestyle and livelihood.

My passion.
I love to teach. I am passionate about what I do and I truly enjoy guiding and inspiring others. I find the power of Mother Nature to be fascinating and our ability to self-heal amazing. I share the knowledge of both to help improve the lives of others with an approach that is simple, delicious and fun.

My mission.
To help others help themselves.

Interested in having Jeanne speak at your next event?
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Patrick Grosset

Macrobiotic Chef & Educator, Professional French Chef, Certified Natural Health Practitioner:

Patrick was born in the small village of Megève, France where he was raised with the love and support of his mother and sister. In the traditional lifestyle of the French Alps, he enjoyed the natural foods provided by the forest and home garden. The connection between food and the world around him was instilled at a young age.

He started his kitchen experience in a small establishment packed with the tourist crowd in his early teenage years. His gourmet cooking foundation was then formed in French art of cuisine on the nearby Lake of Annecy, where he studied for many years. Traveling to many parts of the world he has worked along side greats chefs and cooks of Europe, the Caribbean and Florida.

Inspired by the readings of Michio Kushi, this chef decided to take food to the next level. Embracing the knowledge of the true power of nature, he attended the Kushi Institute in Massachusetts to study and become a Macrobiotic chef and teacher.

Fusing years of experience in the restaurant world with the traditional practices has given Patrick the knowledge to create original recipes that are not only healthy for you but are also gourmet fare. The best of both worlds.

Patrick cooks vegan/macrobiotic meals in the comfort of people homes, creating balanced menus for the whole family. Teaching simple and delicious recipes in various classes and workshops in health food stores and privately, he provides the tricks for busy people to manage a whole foods kitchen in the real world.

Proficient in the plant based diet approach to self-healing in both raw and cooked foods.

Learning for a better tomorrow.
Work in progress… for one peaceful world.


“We thoroughly enjoyed our first week of your Macrobiotic Meal Pack. The variety, quality and quantity of healthful, tasty foods was outstanding. We’ve become fans!”
- Larry

“I was sick for 5 years. After going from doctor to doctor the conclusion was that I had fibromyalgia. I suffered from chronic pain and chronic fatigue. For about 18 months I could barely make it to the bathroom. I shaved my hair because if I managed to make it into the shower I didn’t have the energy to dry my hair. Last summer a doctor brought my allergies to many different antibiotics to my attention and suggested I avoid foods that contain antibiotics and sulfas… then my neighbor recommended 7th Element to me. After being on the meals for 8 weeks it has changed my life. I am now working with a personal trainer twice a week, I get up early full of energy and my pain is minimal. My daughter looked across the dinner table one evening and commented that my face doesn’t even look sick anymore. My neighbors are so surprised to see my car gone as they have gotten accustomed to it always being parked in the driveway. I now have the energy to run around town doing errands. I recommend this macrobiotic diet to everyone I know.”
- Sharman

“I LOVE your teachings and I adore you! You are so inspiring, I look forward to the class so much. I think you are one of the most knowledgable people I’ve ever met, and I really want to learn as much as I can from you. I’ve read tons about nutrition, but I’ve been frustrated for years by all the conflicting theories about food and nutrition and weight/fat loss. I’ve struggled with my weight and portion control and healthy/unhealthy eating and food cravings and proper nutrition (especially when I had been working out hard) for most of my life. But that all changed when I met you! Thanks for the inspiration and the great advice!”
- Judy

“Everyday I look forward to enjoying 7th Element’s creative, loving energized meals! I woke-up younger today then yesterday! Eating these balanced healthy delicious meals leaves me feeling ageless and beautiful! The food makes me feel alive and balanced. All the meals are exciting, colorful, delicious and the portions are filling. Best of all love is put into each dish! Eating a balanced Marco meal gives me an abundance of energy and clarity. Eating your meals everyday shows in my glowing hair, strong nails and healthy clear skin.”
- Tammy

“The macrobiotic meal service that you’ve been providing has given us with a whole new perspective on “eating healthy”. Unlike fad diets that only deal with weight loss or a specific condition, the macrobiotic food programs approach to nutrition really changed our complete health – both physical and mental. All of my vitals have improved, with my good and bad cholesterol showing the most significant improvement. Although I didn’t have a weight “issue”, I did lose about 10 pounds (5% of my total weight) while enjoying generous portions of delicious food. Thanks!”
- Richard

“Seriously Yummy Food – – The versatile chefs at the 7th Element are fabulous!! It is hard to imagine that food this incredibly delicious and diverse can be so very healthy and reasonable! After 10 weeks of this exceptional food, I still can’t wait to be surprised by the next meal. I plan to keep this tasty food service indefinitely. Your mouth and stomach will thank you as much as the rest of your body, for this is a treat of body, mind and spirit. The positive effects of the tasty and visually stunning food are quickly apparent: glowing complexion, better hair, improved clarity of thought. All the wonderful flavors, textures and aromas are lovingly presented with balance and artistry. This is a treat that you should not deny yourself. The chefs and delivery folks are super friendly and professional too!! Thank you 7th Element!!!!”
- Steve

“I always stock up for the week at the farmer’s market because I know I have healthy, yummy food to add to my meals which makes it easier to skip some steps during my busy week. I also take advantage of the meal delivery service because I can count on knowing that I’m eating a well balanced meal where all my nutritional needs are met and I am fully satisfied because of the size and the taste! These meals are usually things I wouldn’t make for myself, so it’s good to add the variety to the mix so I don’t get bored! I’m so glad to know there’s a company out there that I can trust to help me stay on my healthy path while keeping me fully satisfied! Thank you for all the information you pass along to continue to inspire people to stay on the macro lifestyle!”
- Kate

“Jeanne of 7th Element Services has an outstanding grasp of nutrition, health and using Macrobiotic diet principles to help people significantly improve health or take current health to a higher level. Her knowledge and ability is fantastic and will show how to make wonderfully tasting meals that also will provide great health. She also takes time to let people know exactly how a certain food will help improve the health. Jeanne is a five-star professional and fantastic human being.”
- Alan

“I love your cooking. I love your classes. Your knowledge of Macrobiotics is impressive. Your enthusiasm and energy are infectious. I always walk away from the class inspired.”
- Bill

“Jeanne has an incredible and extensive knowledge of healing through food and energy. She also has a gentle hand in working with people to get them to their best self! Whether dealing with disease, reproduction, digestive issues or weight loss Jeanne is a one-stop solution for all that you need to heal, or stave off disease and health issues. She truly is a Healer and a Guide. As a Chef her food is absolutely delicious and her delectable recipes make you feel and look the best ever!”
- Susan

“Doing really well after only the first two weeks of the cleanse. I am feeling better overall. I’m surprised that I haven’t really had the cravings I thought I would have. I don’t really miss the animal protein at all, not even cheese. I am doing amazing on this diet.”
- Chadrick

“After 2 weeks on the diet, I feel and look years younger. I’ve lost weight and my energy was skyrocketed without working out. I’m already hooked on eating healthy. I never want to back to feeling lethargic.”
- Scott

“Having had severe arthritis for 40+ years. I then had the delightful experience to receive Macrobiotic meals. My crippled hands no longer ache and in fact have straightened out considerably. I was on heavy arthritis medication for years and I no longer have to take any medication for arthritis… this makes for a very happy liver!”
- Valerie

“I have taken classes from Jeanne at 7th Element for several years now and it has improved my well being and was the reason for many of the medications I was on to be able to stop using. She teaches so that the lay person can do the cooking at home and the foods are easy enough so that when you do cook them they still taste good when you cook them too!”
- Cybal

“I waited and waited to try the Body Reset Cleanse because I couldn’t wrap my head around having to shop and prep the food. I wish I had started months ago because when I FINALLY did I FELT BETTER than I’ve felt in years by DAY 3! I literally woke up feeling amazing and it lasts all day!

I have my ENERGY back, BRAIN FOG is gone, ANXIETY is gone, menopause JOINT PAIN is gone and my love handles and belly are melting away. DON’T WAIT another day…
I am thrilled with how I feel from eating this easy to prep (it’s just chopping), DELICIOUS food on the cleanse.

When I get cravings at night due to menopause I simply have the night time remedy drink, which also relaxes me, and my hunger thoughts are gone. I wish I had done it sooner.

It is amazing to see how quickly it works, what little preparation it actually entails, and that there IS a SOLUTION to what ails you and you’ll feel better than you have in years! I will use this for good health maintenance forever because it truly does TURN AROUND My Health. YAY!
- Susan

“My Body Reset Cleanse notes to share:

  • Day 1 – took “before” cleanse picture

  • Day 3 – not hungry.. surprising. Lots of bathroom visits, HOORAY as I have always been constipated.

  • Day 6 – clothes feeling “bigger”

  • Day 7 – I am sleeping like a log, only get up once a night! Heavenly after years of getting up 3 to 4 up times every night and then cannot get back to sleep after 4am.

  • Day 8 – went to a luncheon, took my own salad. No problem wasn’t even tempted! That was shocking!!

  • Week 2 – still not hungry, no cravings, so satisfied!! Luncheon again, girls asking how much weight I have lost!! They said I look younger too, AMAZING! I love the results I am getting.

  • Week 3 – People are asking me how I am doing this… they want the info, I am a walking bill board for this cleanse, Lol! Am into my “too tight” pants and they are too loose!

  • Week 4 – Went from XL to medium in tops. Down three sizes in pants.

  • And one more note, the skin on my arms and legs at 73 years old has been really thin and wrinkly. The skin on my arms and legs now is 20 years younger, it is incredible, yeah, no more long sleeves.”
    - Valerie

“I was down to normal from my regular borderline prehypertension and high blood pressure numbers in the first week of the cleanse. That was quick!

Second week, I finally jumped on a scale… Down 15lbs.

Final weight loss at the end of the twenty-eight day cleanse was 20 lbs total.”
- Dan

“I did all this just by eating yummy whole foods…

  • lost 13 lbs in 28 days

  • my skinny clothes have know moved to the front of the closet

  • MORE than just weight loss… restful sleep

  • great energy

  • no more evening munchie attacks

  • cravings suppressed even after the 28 days ended!

More than just a cleanse, a true transformation!
(And all I did was eat.)”
- Chris

“I am so thrilled in just two weeks of being on your Body Reset Cleanse program:

  • Start weight 124, two weeks later weight 109.

  • I dropped 15 pounds in two weeks of cleansing with working out regularly and sweating.

  • The weight reduction was rapid but here it is weeks later and the pounds are staying off.

  • My skin is not as dry, do not need moisturizer anymore.

  • My skin has cleared up, no more acne breakouts.

  • Heightened sense of clarity.

  • Sleep has been more restful (no longer taking sleep supplements).

  • Stopped pressing the snooze button repeatedly in the morning.

  • Do not need an afternoon nap anymore.

  • Popping out of bed, well rested, energized.

  • No more energy drops during the day.

  • No pain of any kind.

  • I had frequent bags under my eyes that are now gone.

  • I had a pair of skinny jeans that I was ready to give up on. After the second week of the cleanse these pants fit me with wiggle room!

  • I got my flat stomach back, no more bloat.

  • My eyebrow hair has grown back that was missing in the full brow.

  • Weekly acupuncture cupping is no longer bruising me.

- Candice

“When I started the Body Reset Cleanse I was skeptical. I have tried everything over the years to shed the weight and had to struggle through it every time. Driving my family nuts with my swinging moods.

I am completely astonished at how great I felt throughout this cleanse. No cravings, no bad moods. I even enjoyed the food and it was simple to make. I lost a lot of weight overall and my puffiness and bloat is gone. Within the first week I was sleeping through the night, my arthritis calmed down and my skin issues started clearing up. I have suffered from IBS for years and from the first day to the last, no symptoms at all. By the end of the month I looked like a different person, ten years younger. I am thrilled!”
- Val

“It was amazing; right after the first meal I felt like a human being again.”
- Susan

“In just ten days of the cleanse program my psoriasis is so much better, this is miraculous!”
- Chris

“Do you ever get tired of people saying how great your food is and how much they appreciate your approach to healing and caring. Thank you so much, it was awesome.”
- Jan

“Doing really well after only the first two weeks of the cleanse. I am feeling better overall. I’m surprised that I haven’t really had the cravings I thought I would have. I don’t really miss the animal protein at all, not even cheese. I am doing amazing on this diet!”
- Chadrick

“I want to thank you for your incredible teachings and dedication to educate people to make better health choices, I am a big fan!”
- Muriel

“Thank you for a new lease on life. Not only have I lost a lot of weight but I just got back from the doctor and he is taking me off of my high blood pressure medication. I no longer need it. He said whatever I am doing, keep it up. And I will, I have learned a lot in this short period of time and I am forever grateful to have found you!”
- Rick

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