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Cultivate a Healthy and Green Lifestyle by Connecting to the Source

  • Shumei 2430 East Colorado Boulevard Pasadena, CA, 91107 United States (map)

An annual event held in the city of Pasadena, that focuses on raising awareness by connecting growers and consumers with a variety of farming techniques emphasizing on Natural Agriculture. Focusing on the appreciation of nature and learning different ways to support having greener lifestyles...all while having fun and meeting great people from the local community. Experience and enjoy delicious foods and organic wine tasting cultivated by Natural Agriculture. You will also have the opportunity to participate in a macrobiotic cooking class, agricultural workshops, a variety of talks, classes with advocates of sustainable and regenerative practices for a healthier you!

As a green event, please make mindful choices and bring your own reusable bag.


10:00 AM - Diana Jerkins, "Opening Speech"

10:30 AM - Alice Cunningham, "Natural Agriculture: A Key to Sustainable Living" 

11:30 AM - Anthony Rodale, "Harmony in Running, My Journey to the Trans Atlas Marathon"

2:20 PM - Lilian Hill, "Regenerative Agriculture & Cultivating Foodscapes" 

3:15 PM - Jessica Handy, "Regenerating Soils to Regenerate Ourselves and Our Planet"

4:00 PM - Panel Discussion


11:00 AM - Mayumi Onami; "Kaori Aromatherapy Crafts"

1:20 PM - Jeanne Grosset; "Macrobiotic Cooking Class"

1:20 PM - Roy Gibbon; "Optimizing Your Cellular Health"

2:20 PM - Tim Martinez; "Plant Uses and Survival Skills"

2:40 PM - Crystal Lau; "Beginner's Guide to Low Impact Living"

3:15 PM - Lilian Hill; "Saving Seeds"

3:30 PM - Allicen Maier; "Natural Homemade Skincare"


Diana Jerkins, Ph.D;

Research Program Director of Organic Farming Research Foundation

Anthony Rodale;
President of The Sustainable Food Alliance

Alice Cunningham;
Executive Director of International Affairs of Shumei International

Lilian Hill;
Executive Director of Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture Institute

Jessica Handy;
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist/Education Lead of Kiss the Ground

Tim Martinez;
Land and Program Administrator of Arroyos & Foothills Conservancy

Jeanne Grosset;
Macrobiotic Educator, Chef & Counselor of Living Macrobiotic, 7th Element Services

Crystal Lau;
Environmentalism Blog Owner of Humble Colors

Roy Gibbon;
Author, writer (An Offering of Light, 3rd ed.)

Mayumi Onami;
(Scent of Lavender Skin Care & Aromatherapy)

Allicen Maier;
Acupuncturist (Radiant Botanicals Skincare)


M Cafe : Beets Poke with Quinoa Bowl

VegiLicious : Curry Rice

Wholesome Essence : Healthy products

Yusando : Teas

Powicana Farm Wine : Organic Wines

Temecula Olive Oil : Organic Olive Oil

Erewhon Market

Shumei Cafe: Pastry snacks, baked goods, tofu, natto, and coffee.