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Frequently Asked Questions


How many meals does a Macro Meal Pack make?

We wish we had a simple answer for this question but we do not. Everyone seems to have a different sized appetite and habits. Some people only eat our dishes for days on end until they have an empty fridge. Others eat out more frequently between our meals. Some of us eat a whole container of a dish in one sitting - others get multiple meals out of one.

What we can tell you is this. Most people who are doing the single pack have enough food to get them through the week with going out to restaurants only a couple of times.

The double pack works well for two people who go out to restaurants a couple times in a week as well.

And the family pack is good for four or more people - this pack is a lot of food, and a really good deal for the money. If you are thinking about getting healthy food into the whole family or a group at the office wants to trim down and get some good nutrition, here is a great deal.

I am eating the Macro Meal Pack for lunch and dinner - what do you suggest I eat for breakfast?

For breakfast we recommend the following foods:

  • Miso soup to promote digestion and boost the immune system. Miso is rich in natural probiotics and naturally alkaline.

  • Whole grain porridge for complex carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals for long burning energy to start your day.

  • Greens to promote cleansing and detoxing.

If you like a lighter breakfast we suggest just the miso soup with veggies.

If you need more energy in the morning incorporate a whole grain dish and greens.

And don't forget the meal pack foods can be good for breakfast too. Pan fried millet loaf is one of our favorite dishes in the morning.

Here are some recipes to enjoy…

Traditional Macro Breakfast

Breakfast Porridges


What is Macrobiotics?

Macrobiotics is a lifestyle practiced to achieve your optimal health and harmony in life. Hippocrates, the Father of Western Medicine, originally created the term “makrobios” to describe people who were healthy and long-lived. The Greek translation, “makro” means “large” or “great” and “bios” signify “life”. Thus the term macrobiotic is used to describe a lifestyle that includes a simple balanced diet that promotes health and longevity.

Macrobiotics as a way of life is based on balancing your nutrition and your lifestyle with nature. One of the first steps to health is modifying one’s diet, taking into consideration all the environmental factors such as stress level, work and our place in the modern world. All these influence our psyche therefore affect our whole being.

The foundation diet is composed of whole grains, vegetable proteins, ground and sea vegetables, fish, nuts and seeds, naturally fermented foods and grain sweeteners. Focusing on organic ingredients, natural cooking techniques and balancing your diet according to one’s current health condition, season and geographical location.

Traditional Chinese Medicine forms the core of this practice. Oriental Diagnosis is used to view the whole person, both physically and mentally. The overall lifestyle of the person both socially and environmentally is taken into consideration and from these observations a plan can be designed to promote self healing. Thru the practice of Macrobiotics one can refine one’s diet and lifestyle to support, nurture and aid the body’s natural capability to self-heal.*Please note, if you are new to this practice, seeking the guidance of a Macrobiotic Counselor is highly recommended, especially for those with pre-existing conditions.