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Rolling Sushi at Cooking Class

Sushi Rice (for 4 rolls) 1/2 cup brown rice 1/2 cup sweet brown rice kombu

- rinse grain and soak overnight (or 6-8 hours) with water and kombu in glass bowl - pour rice, kombu and soaking water into pot - bring to a boil, cover, place flame tamer, reduce flame to low, cook 45 min

Vegetarian Sushi (recipe per roll) 3/4 cup cooked rice 1 sheet toasted nori cucumber, cut lengthwise, in long thin slices scallion, cut lengthwise, in long thin slices carrot, cut lengthwise, in long thin slices baked tofu, in long thin slices 1 tsp umeboshi paste

- first take a sushi mat and set it up on your cutting board so the wooden sticks run horizontally - place a sheet of nori with the rough side up, on top of the sushi mat - with wet hands spread rice on the nori in a thick layer, leaving a 3? wide edge ?grain free? on top - pressed down firmly, the rice needs to stick together well for a firm, easily cut, sushi roll - spread umeboshi paste across the horizontal center of the rice area - horizontally layer cucumber, carrot, scallion and tofu 1/3 up from the bottom of the sheet of nori - pick up the bottom edge of the sushi mat with both hands, bring up over the top of the vegetables - roll the sushi up to the top 3 inch ?clear? strip of the nori sheet - spread a few drops of water on the clear part of the nori sheet and finish rolling, cut, serve with shoyu