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Macrobiotic Guide "I struggled with my weight... until I found Macrobiotics"

Check out Jeanne's article in Macrobiotic Guide about her life long struggle with her weight and how this approach to diet and lifestyle has changed her world!

I grew up a standard American. Living a life rich in extremes. My ideas of health were those of modern western views and far from the laws and principles of the natural world around me.

I was going through my life ping ponging from one diet fad to another, continually trying to keep off the extra weight. Searching for the latest health tips and whole heartedly trying it all. I worked out at least five days a week, two hours at a time, doing major calorie burning to stay in my favorite jeans.

I seldom over ate. If I did, I would gain five pounds in a weekend. On Monday I would be depressed and having to start the week off on a diet to rid myself of the new weight? the cycle was relentless and exhausting. Then once I was over the age of thirty and had two children, it just got harder.

My weight was slowly increasing and I was eating less and less. It did not make sense to me at the time. My blood sugar was going haywire and I needed to eat a little every three hours or I would start to get dizzy. If I did not take care of the drop in blood sugar quickly the condition would worsen and many times I would pass out. For years I had to carry juice with me wherever I went. I had several digestive issues and my skin was troubled with an all over itchiness accompanied by dry skin and frequent breakouts.

Emotionally I was on a rollercoaster as my hormones flared out of balance. I did my best to maintain calm on a daily basis and that too was mentally exhausting. I was burning out from the stress of the daily routines and not sleeping well at night. This had become my life, and I did not feel good living it, not in this condition. Yet, according to my doctors I was a healthy person and to all those around me I was in good shape. But I felt uncomfortable in my own body.

A good friend had told me about Macrobiotics, and at first I did not listen. I remember her telling me how great she felt, and she glowed when she said it. But I thought I was healthy already, so I was content with doing nothing new.

We went through pregnancy at the same time and delivered our babies only weeks apart. Over nine months, I watched her flourish through her pregnancy and once her daughter was born, her body bounced back beautifully. My 40 weeks was quite different. I developed gestational diabetes by the fifth month and ended up with twelve weeks of bed rest for premature contractions every time I stood upright in my last trimester.

I gained twice the amount of weight she gained and I was watching my portions and monitoring my blood sugar the whole time. I was consciously eating healthy by American standards, doing the latest high protein diet and following my nutritionist?s orders. I did not suspect it was food that was making such a world of difference in our separate lives.

Over the course of the next couple of years, my friend looked younger and younger, she thrived. I was looking older and my energy levels were nothing in comparison to hers. After having a baby, she had regained her natural weight and bounced back so quickly. That was not the case for me, weight had been a battle all my life and now it was a battle that I was starting to loose.

At 35, desperate, I finally took the leap and became Macrobiotic overnight. I felt like I was jumping off the edge of the cliff and had no idea what was beneath me. I went from a life filled with high protein, low calories, low fat, low sugar to a world where I don?t need to read the labels to know the facts. Simple natural ingredients will do.

The laundry list of unidentifiable ?foods? was replaced overnight with whole grains, most of which I had never tried in my entire life. I learned very quickly that there was a world of vegetables out there that I had never heard of and I was fascinated at what power whole foods had on the body as I started to learn about the energies that plants contain and create. I was amazed at how I could now use my daily meals for a desired outcome.

I had a new found control over how I felt, mentally and physically. No more days of my life being ruled by upset stomachs, headaches, emotional swings and a vast array of other discomforts that I was frequently experiencing. Not only have I been awarded the gift of never having to worry about my weight again, I had found better health and happiness on the Macrobiotic path too.

With all other diets I had focused on calories and nutritional information. Reading labels on everything, it was mind numbing. All these nutritional facts mean little to me now in reference to my eating habits. I now see that the true essence of our food and their function is in the understanding of their energy and the overall balance we create with it.

I have learned how to change my current mental and physical condition by using food and its vibration to give me the desired outcome I am looking for. I handle stress differently now and it has become much easier to manage life without extreme foods in my daily routine tipping off my overall emotional balance. I am a much calmer and grounded person.

It has been an amazing transformation that my body went through. At first I did not lose a lot of weight, but I shrunk, this overall puffiness that I had all my life diminished. I was a bit confused at first when the scale only read that I had lost 7 pounds the first month because I had dropped three full pants sizes. It was like I was deflating, shrinking all over. Over the course of the next few months as baggage disappeared, a slimmer me immerged. My aches and pains disappeared and my skin began to glow.

I discovered a new found freedom with my weight and I do not have to worry about portions or counting calories. I just stick with the principles of Macrobiotics and my figure has become almost effortless. It was incredible how once my body received whole grains and a wide new variety of vegetables, it thrived. I have been able to eat more food than ever before in my life and still stay trim.

I work out far less than I have in my entire life. I am active and my days flow. Weight gain is not an issue. Now, I am at the perfect size for me. I have embraced a yoga practice and find that the strength and flexibility it creates within me is a perfect fit for my natural lifestyle. My body, over time has changed in ways that I had never imagined possible and I look younger than I did ten years ago. I am finally comfortable in my body and I love the way I feel.

My path with Macrobiotics has brought me across many people?s struggles with weight. I have become a teacher in the practice and I am astonished at what I am witnessing. I have observed many people embrace the basic principles of Macrobiotics and watched them transform.

As they start eating whole grains and vegetables the body finally receives the nourishment it truly needs and old baggage starts to melt away and discharge. People shrink, skin tightens, eye bags and wrinkles disappear, high cholesterol levels decrease, blood sugar regulates, high blood pressure comes down, degenerative conditions reverse, emotional imbalances, balance. It has all been amazing to witness.

To stay fit and trim naturally:
- Macrobiotic balance with whole foods and cooking techniques
- Remember chew well - food should be liquid when swallowed
- Take the time to eat, sit and enjoy your meal
- A short while after your meal, walk for twenty minutes
- Drink beverages separately from meals
- Drink warm to hot liquids only
- Body scrub daily

Embrace the freedom of loving your body on the Macrobiotic Path.?Enjoy a long and happy life!

Jeanne Beveridge, Certified Macrobiotic Chef/Educator Kundalini Yoga Teacher (IKYTA Certified) Jeanne was born and raised in Rochester, New York. She grew up in the kitchen where her grandmother taught her traditional Italian Cooking at a young age. Mary transmitted to Jeanne her passion for food and the importance of taking good care of the people around her.