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I am a 59-year-old woman who is about to complete one full year of being Macrobiotic.? For most of my life I was amazingly resilient; never got sick, never had health problems, never put on weight, and ate whatever I wanted.? That included, for example, DuPar?s blueberry cheesecake pies with whip cream for lunch. In my early forties I began experiencing growing symptoms of a depressed immune system, an impaired digestive system, hemorrhoids, bone loss/arthritis, and fuzzy thinking.? Even more distressing was the poor quality of doctors and health practitioners I endured.? They were frighteningly incompetent, ignorant, arrogant, greedy, and uncaring.

Desperate, I found my way to Patrick and Jeanne?s cooking class last August 2010.? By the end of the first class I felt an overwhelming sense of well-being, hope, and for the first time in my life a sense of being correctly nurtured.

I became Macrobiotic cold-turkey.? Coffee was the most difficult to give up, but after three months even that craving has disappeared.? Of course I?m not perfect; there?s so much to learn, one year is a drop in the bucket, and I do have urges for things like desserts and pizza occasionally.

But the most amazing thing about being Macrobiotic, and the point I?d most like to stress, is that once the body receives the correct foods in the correct proportions, cravings are surprisingly minimal.? Equally interesting (and a bit eerie) is the feeling of being able to communicate with my stomach.? It?s as if now that I nurture it, it talks to me!? Oh not in words, of course, but in feelings of contentment and well-being.

On January 25, 2011, The Wall Street Journal featured an article called ?Hungry? Your Stomach Really Does Have A Mind of its Own,? that proves the digestive system actually operates as an autonomous second brain.? The article refers to the stomach as the ?gut- brain? versus the ?big-brain? in the head.

However, methinks the gut-brain is the bigger (read wiser). It?s the head that?s fooled by relentless advertisers, convinced by uninformed doctors, or taken in by faulty food labeling, never the stomach.? Neither is it deceived by the taste of fried butter sticks at a county fair, or duped by pseudo-visions of McDonald?s happy-meals.

I drive from Redondo Beach to Burbank every Thursday morning for Jeanne?s cooking class, and it?s well worth the trip.? She is generous with her information, upbeat, the classes are a financial bargain, and the food is delicious.? BOTH brains are in agreement.? This humble, poetic, beautiful way of approaching food has given me health, energy, hope, and an invaluable knowledge and appreciation.? I cannot thank her enough.

- Susan

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