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Our home garden is sprouting!

Check out our home garden project...

We have seven gardens total now and there will be more to come as we keep expanding on our land. ?Our gardens are made of organic soil and we have boosted them with worm casings and sea vegetables. ?The seeds we use are mainly heirloom and all are organic. ?We have around forty different vegetables, grains, beans and herbs popping up through the soil already, and we will keep you posted as the summer progresses. ?Gardening is a great way to get the freshest foods possible and we enjoy all the delicious home grown goodness that comes from our garden every year!

3rd generation asparagus growing wild - outside of the box
tiered gardens built for the foothills all watered by a drip system to conserve
new daikon sprouts
hillside planting done and sprouting underway
2nd generation cabbage and daikon amongst the new sprouts of carrots and more