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A stellar new testimonial!


"Hi Jeanne,

Things are going well, better than well actually. ?Going macrobiotic has been life changing for me! ?I?'m a pretty confident and successful person, but the truth is;?underneath?the exterior there has?always?been a vibration of?nervousness,?insecurity,?a mild hysteria even. ?I've spent a lifetime covering those?emotions?and feeling "less than" because of it. ?

Since dropping all stimulants and becoming?acquainted?with the life force in whole foods, I find an?exquisite?inner calm,?one?I've?never?known before. ?A balance. ?An ability to be in present time,?as my?whole?self,?without worry. ???

I am in love with whole food. ?It's alive, it vibrates, it is so very happy to serve. ?In the midst of?cooking and?healing myself,??I pulled in the job of my dreams. ?Still in early stages and negotiations, it has kept me wall to wall busy--?but?the diet has?grounded?me, and where once I would surly be stressed, worrying myself with questions like "will it work out?" ?"Can I really do it?" "Do I have the strength and stamina to not?compromise my health with the challenges?" ?All that I feel is profound??joy and gratitude, ?about the events unfolding.

Thank you, thank you, for your council.

Thank you also to dear Patrick for his beautiful food.

I came to you with?alarming high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. ?I had experienced what they called a mini stroke because of this. ?I was put on blood pressure meds immediately because I was up in the 150-160 levels. ?I am currently off all meds, my blood pressure is?consistently 120/80. ?My blood sugar is normal. ?I feel like I have a new lease on life. ?This took about a month.

I am forever grateful. J"