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Chew! Meals Package - Pickup Fresh Food on Sundays in Burbank

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macrobiotic meals package

now available for pickup every Sunday at Full O' Life Market in Burbank (store hours 9:30am - 6pm)

our macrobiotic meals package defined...

- we use organic whole foods - balanced to cleanse and nurture your body - we do all our cooking from scratch - fresh produce from our local farmer's market - seasonal recipes for our LA weather - using top of the line ingredients

single pack includes:

4 whole grain dishes (gluten free) 4 bean dishes 12 veggie dishes (8 cooked, 4 raw) salad dressing gravy or sauce

- grains and beans in 16oz containers, veggies 8oz

grain + bean + veggies = instant macro meal!

This package gives you the freedom to mix up your daily menu with healthy ready-to-go dishes. Great for meals and snacks!

NO frozen foods. NO preservatives. NO chemicals, additives or coloring. NO processed foods. NO cans.

single order $200

(for a single person with a good appetite)

half pack $120

(half portions overall, for a?light?appetite)

double pack - $300

(double the amount of food for two, three or more people depending on appetites)

Please note: We use nuts and seeds in our kitchen, we are NOT allergen free.