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Chew! Macrobiotic Meals - menu 3.29.15

Chew! Macrobiotic Meals

Here are most of the dishes we created for this week. I admit we forgot to take a few picts of some yummy dishes, (four to be exact). With all the cooking going on the kitchen was a buzz - - sometimes we just forgot to take the shot. (oops)

This is a new posting that we are going to do weekly. So we promise to try harder and we will get better at getting the picts all in...

Have a great week and remember Chew! - for better health naturally.

baked squash

beets onions

herb dressing

kidney bean red onion umeboshi

millet loaf

mustard snap peas turnip

onion gravy

pinto beans red cabbage

quinoa radish salad

radish kholrahbi dulse

raw butter lettuce salad

raw carrot celery

raw kale beet

red lentil dahl

stir fried brown rice

turmeric brocolli

veggie soup