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Chew! Macrobiotic Meals - menu 4.5.15

This week's Macrobiotic Meals menu...

From farm to table we have got you covered with fresh food balanced and in season for great health and happiness. Enjoy!

Patrick Grosset farmers market 7th Element veggies1 7th Element veggies2 7th Element veggies3 7th Element veggies4 7th Element veggies5

Chef Patrick balances the dishes according to the principles of Macrobiotics for our local demographic and season. He designs each recipe as he goes according to the conditions of our current weather. Now in the time of spring. It is time to cleanse from the stagnation of the winter months and rise up with new energy!

Macrobiotic Chef Patrick Grosset

Here is this week's creations... our menu.

Sauteed squash and onions.

Turnips in a stone ground mustard glaze sauce.

Split pea soup. Delicious!

Baked yams and thyme.

Red leaf lettuce salad with golden beets and roasted pumpkin seeds.

Raw kale, basil and watermelon beet salad.

Raw zuchini, radish and garlic pressed salad.

Roasted veggies and quinoa.

Purple carrots and root veggies.

Millet loaf with leeks. And this has a carrot/beet red sauce to enjoy with it too.

Fennel and dulse salad.

Cauliflower and purple carrots.

Buckwheat and yam salad.

Brown rice with radish and scallions.

Boiled salad of butternut squash, brocolli, snap peas and green beans.

Black eyed peas and turnips.

Baked kabocha and rosemary.

Adzuki beans and squash.