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NEW - Body Reset Cleanse Food-to-Go!

TAMH-girl-with-card.final_-e1429041224369Body Reset Cleanse - 7 day Package

With our introduction of the website and Body Reset Cleanse program we have heard the cries of our local friends, "please just cook it for me..."

You got it!

Package includes: - 7 days of fresh food and beverages. - Organic, plant based, gluten free dishes. - Our protein rich, high fiber, alkaline diet plan is designed to cleanse the body, strengthen digestion and boost the immune system. - You pick up 3 times a week, Monday-Wednesday-Friday at Full O' Life Market in Burbank, CA. - With your first order you will receive a handy .pdf booklet on healthy tips for optimal results.

This is no ordinary cleanse. The amount of the food is surprising!

Eat lots of delicious whole foods and: - melt fat and cellulite - reduce bloating - sleep better - create an alkaline blood quality for better overall health

Body Reset Cleanse - 7 day Package $330 Order by Sunday at 5pm for the week's package.