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Sick & Tired and in Los Angeles?

Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Unfortunately in today's fast paced world most of us do not have the time - or the energy - to take really good care of ourselves.

We have to cut corner's on nutrition to speed up preparation times with processed foods and eat out far too often.

Because of this daily routine, we feel sluggish, tired, are restless at night and need stimulants to make it through the day...

We have a solution...

Patrick and I have created our food services to help support the community around us for better living and happier lives.

Lucky Los Angeles!

Enjoy the wholesome goodness of balanced, organic, whole foods to nourish and naturally cleanse the body. Food created with the highest standards of quality and the powerful balance of nature's seasonal energies. Producing some of the healthiest food on the planet for you and your loved ones.

All you gotta do is Chew!

Chew! logo - 7th Element Services Macro Meal Packs

Create your own meals with fresh, organic, farm to table dishes, ready-to-go, balanced for good health according to the current season and demographic.

Three convenient sizes to choose from.

Order by Friday midnight - Pick up on Sunday - Enjoy all week long!

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Need to detox your liver, cleanse and shed some pounds...

Body Reset Cleanse - 7 day "Ready-To-Go" Package - Body Reset Cleanse

With our introduction of the website and Body Reset Cleanse program we have heard the cries of our local friends, "please just cook it for me..."

You got it!


Package includes:

- 7 days of fresh food and beverages

- organic, plant based, gluten free dishes 

- our protein rich, high fiber, alkaline diet plan is designed to cleanse the body, strengthen digestion and boost the immune system, naturally

- you pick up 3 times a week, Monday-Wednesday-Friday at Full O' Life Market in Burbank, CA

- with your first order you will receive a handy .pdf booklet via email on healthy tips for optimal results

This is no ordinary cleanse.

The amount of the food and beverages is surprising!

Eat lots of delicious whole foods and

- melt fat and cellulite

- reduce bloating

- sleep better

- create an alkaline blood quality for better overall health

 Body Reset Cleanse - 7 day Package - $330

Order by Sunday at 5pm for this week's package.

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 Sunday Brunch

We are now open at 10am for pancakes, Eggolicious, crepes and more...

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This is our Eggolicious - a popular favorite!

Two pan fried millet patties with sauteed spinach, poached eggs or tofu scramble, topped with a delicious cashew creme sauce.


Have a great weekend,

Jeanne & Patrick