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We are on the road again...


Meal Service Hiatus until August 7th...

This year the events that we have been invited to share our culinary and teaching skills with, have enlightened us and blessed us with some great adventures. Broadening our business outside of our hometown, into the big beautiful world.

Over the next month we have two big events coming up!

Starting this Saturday I am the Retreat Director for VEI's Summer Retreat at Pinecrest Lake and Patrick is the Executive Chef - featuring a "teaching kitchen". We are looking forward to a fabulous week with over 100 campers in the great redwood forest - Yeah!

Next we are off to the Macrobiotic Summer Conference back east in Eastover, Massachusetts. Patrick will be cheffing it up in the main kitchen and I will be helping with all the cooking classes. It is going to be a busy, amazing month!

So, as of today we are on hiatus from all of our local meal services. We hope that this will not be too much of an inconvenience for anyone but that you wish us well in our travels.

And hey - if you really cant live without our food - come join us!

Our hiatus from our meal services begins today until ordering resumes on Monday, August 7th. Order pickups for the Macro Meal Pack and Body Reset Cleanse will resume on that Sunday, the 13th.

Have a fabulous month - big smiles! Jeanne